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12- The Ideal Way to Get Rich From Home - How to Earn $100 an Hour in 2014

The Ideal Way to Get Rich From Home - How to Earn $100 an Hour in 2014

The Ideal Way to Get Rich From Home - How to Earn $100 an Hour in 2014

Q: What is the ideal business to run from home? With so many get rich quick scams, schemes and strategies that NEVER work... are there any honest, admirable and ETHICAL entrepreneurial ideas that still work for average people in 2014?

A: The truth is, in my own business, I can tell you that there are 2 evergreen opportunities to get rich from home, doing work that you love, without gimmicks, gadgets or gurus. (3 things that will make even the BEST opportunity in the world go bust)

1 - Focusing your online efforts on helping LOCAL business owners succeed. (more on this in a minute)

2 - Become a coach or consultant in an area of life that you LOVE, have PASSION and feel a sense of purpose, and can truly help others have similar success.

The funny thing is, I've done (and continue to do) BOTH approaches in my own business, and each has it's decided advantages over the other.

Coaches, especially BUSINESS coaches, have the highest average earnings of just about ANY home based entrepreneurial endeavor in the word. PERIOD. According to many independent studies done in 2012 and 2013, the AVERAGE full time business coach earns about $300 per hour for client work, and has on average about 5.5 clients per week. (some may require 1 hour per week of consulting... and others, MANY hours per week of help)

But HYPER local marketing, especially when it comes to picking local businesses who have EXISTING budgets to spend on building buzz for their brands in the communities where they compete, is probably the absolutely EASIEST way to build a viable, valuable and long term business that can truly make you rich.

For example?

Building local directories, authority sites, social communities and so forth, that target a niche, market or industry that you serve, is an absolutely AMAZING way to not only build local "assets" that have empirical value, but also to created a captive audience of clients who will pay you TOP dollar for your expertise.

The best part?

While you are building up your client base... you are ASLO building up an asset base of virtual real estate that has empirical value, and can be sold, rented or bartered for all kinds of high value transactions down the road.

The very FIRST website I ever sold took me a few days to build - cost $8 upfront (the domain name) and literally earned a multiple of 100000 percent in profit in just about 72 hours. (and well NORTH of $100 an hour in profit to boot)

The truth is, there are probably 10 unique, innovative and fantastically FUN ways to build a hyper local marketing agency or consultancy that not only can make you rich in 2014... but will allow you to contribute to your community, make long lasting relationships that matter, and do work that you LOVE for a living. (no gimmicks..and no gurus required)!

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