Friday, February 28, 2014

52- Protect Your Privacy Online and Everywhere

Protect Your Privacy Online and Everywhere

Protect Your Privacy Online and Everywhere

It amazes me how many people are not aware how easily they can be found with just a little information. Actually, if a person knows your first and last name, and the city you live in, and if you have listed telephone number, even with just a first initial, voila.. your phone number and home address can easily be found with just that info, especially if your name is unique, or you live in a smaller city or town.

Hey, just for kicks, go to and do a search on your phone number, with area code. Landline phone, that is. Also, go to and enter your last name, first name and city/state. See how easy it is for people to find information about you?

I advised one person to change the name of the city listed on her online profile, and to never give out anything but a cellphone number. And never get into a car with someone they just met without calling someone and giving them the license plate number and car description first!

My experiences online have been safe. I know how to ask questions. I can spot tell-tale inconsistencies which show me the person is not what or who they say they are. But, that comes from years of experience, a very well developed sense of intuition, and a strong dose of cynicism.

The wonderful thing about being a positive cynic is that one is constantly encouraged by finding people to be much better than they were expected to be! lol. And, life is never boring.

Protect yourself online. Well, anywhere.

Whenever someone calls my phone and I don't recognize the incoming phone number, they have to identify themselves first. I do not have to identify myself first. After all, they called ME, I didn't call them! So, when they say "who is this?", I ask in reply "Who are you calling?" and, "Who is calling?". Simple. You don't let someone into your house just because they knocked on the front door, and you don't disclose information about yourself to strangers on the phone. Just because they say they are from the phone company or your bank doesn't make it so. Protect yourself.

It is difficult to have that kind of mindset, until you realize that it is a dangerous world. The percentage of anti-social people and criminals is small, but it only takes ONE. Your family and friends need you. So, if not for yourself, then for them, protect yourself.

Don't give out information just because someone sounds interesting. They may be an expert at manipulation through flattery and other methods they have perfected to take advantage of those who are not on guard.

Oh, and definitely do not give money to anyone. Don't cash their money orders. Use your head before you jump with your heart. Protect yourself.

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