Friday, February 28, 2014

53- Online Fraudsters

Online Fraudsters

Online Fraudsters

I decided to write this article about online fraudsters because recently I was approached by an African male claiming to be an agent for ECOWAS Procurement Board operating out of Ghana. He sent me a series of emails stating the mentioned company was interested in purchasing 30,000 each of five products listed on my online business. This came to a staggering amount of money. The fraudster mentioned that we had to include his 2% of the total price and we had to send an invoice with our directors signatures plus all the information regarding the selected products.

Being in the security business and specializing in all aspects of security protection my antennas started to send frequencies of "WARNING". I let this male continue to send me emails and I replied keeping my gsm-eye well trained. As I suspected, the fraudster got carried away with himself by thinking he had hooked some vulnerable businessman into his scheme. His aim was to extract information and bank details for his criminal activities.

By being alert and security aware YOU can also protect yourself and your online business from these unscrupulous people who have no morals whatsoever and if they get the chance they will take everything and possibly leave you in debt or even set you up unknowingly. You could be involved in criminal activities whereby you take all the blame which could result in you being sent to prison. You could find yourself arrested and having to explain what has happened. These fraudsters will make sure you take the full blame and all the police inquiries will point directly to you, even though you have never met any of these fraudsters.

These fraudsters go to extreme lengths to fool you into believing what they tell you is all genuine. They are getting more and more sophisticated everyday. They will fabricate a registered company, have a website designed, email addresses and working telephones. They will also use a genuine company and claim they are an agent for that company. They continue to change their names when they become suspicious of being investigated and more often than not they avoid the police and set up again. The only way to combat these characters is to help each other and spread the word about these criminals' online activities and offer some ideas and safety precautions.

I am sure some of you have standard procedures in place to protect your online business. However, it is wise to treat all incoming emails with caution when they are offering a service or touting for your business.

There are many stories online that fraudsters and scammers have gleaned information from online businesses. Make sure your service support staff are aware of not giving vital information away to unknown emails.

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