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13- Finding The Right Home Business Model for YOU

Finding The Right Home Business Model for YOU

Finding The Right Home Business Model for YOU

Your efforts to find a successful business model to earn money on the Internet while working from home will probably always be work in progress. The bad news: there is no surefire way to make money on the web; the good news: there are many models that you can try.

People are finding new ways all the time to experiment with strategies and are finding business models that actually work for them. The answer is really a no-brainer. If it doesn't work, fix it. If your business model is not working for you, then change it. If you are not seeing the profits you should from your current model, it is time to try something fresh. Some people might not agree, but for me it's simply a matter of staying alive - failure is not an option. 

New ways of succeeding on the web are tried every day and new tools are offered as you will discover. The focus changes, e.g. from going after desktop clients only, you now have to get at mobile clients too. Companies are turning from "hard advertising" and focusing more on social media advertising.

There are a few fundamentals you need to think about, I call them the ALM of your business model:

A = Attract customers.

If you have spent any time at all in the Internet Marketing space you will have noticed that "anything goes" these days to attract customers. Hyped up offers are all over the web, making incredible promises. You don't want to go that way, do you? Therefore you need to think about the VALUE you will offer your customers. There are endless possibilities for giving value through products and/or services.

You must find your products, either by developing them yourself or by offering others' products as an Affiliate marketer. Creating your own product is actually not as daunting as it may sound to you because nearly EVERYTHING of product creation can be outsourced. All YOU need is a creative idea and some time and money. Picking an affiliate product - there is a HUGE choice of those in the market - is not as easy to do as some make it out to be: it is important to investigate and choose each product carefully. 

You will need to learn about the competitiveness of different market niches into which you might go. But experimenting is probably more useful than endless analysis here.

L = Leads: you need to get at your potential customers/buyers.

There are two ways to get leads: by generating free traffic or paid traffic to your product (that you offer probably on a website). You ill probably use both the free (organic, SEO= search engine optimization) traffic promotion approach and the paid (advertising) one. Plus you will have to set up a system to secure the leads, like with an auto-responder system where the email addresses of the visitors to your site or blog are accumulated. The autoresponder allows you to schedule regular or periodic follow-up mails to your leads or "subscribers". This will allow you to build a relationships with your prospects.

M = Monetizing your system

Once traffic is coming to your product offers, you will begin to see sales and profits. There are plenty of ways to work on optimizing the way you make your business model pay. One of the most important principles you should follow there is "measure, measure, measure" i.e. track the results of every change, every ad, every audience in which you are active and then make the changes and adjustments.

So, go ahead - chose your business model and try it! The worst would be to just study and study and never take action.

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