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23- Do You Make Any of These 5 Fatal Affiliate Marketing Mistakes?

Do You Make Any of These 5 Fatal Affiliate Marketing Mistakes?

Do You Make Any of These 5 Fatal Affiliate Marketing Mistakes?

When people first get into affiliate marketing, it can seem like a pretty daunting task. I know this personally. Not knowing how to sell my product, where to sell my product, and how much the mistakes I made really affected my earnings. There are really only five main problems that can keep you from making the kind of money you want in affiliate marketing. Learn to avoid these problems and you'll be light years ahead of your competition.

So here are the five affiliate marketing mistakes that you're probably making right now in your business.

Problem 1: Bad Product

This is one of the most common problems to have. If you don't have something that someone else wants, then you're wasting your time trying to promote it. You're never going to convince somebody to want what they have already decided they don't. There are plenty of people out there selling cookie cutter products in hopes of getting over on the consumer, and they might get away with it at first. But it's not a sustainable business model in the long term. Don't sell someone anything you wouldn't use yourself is a good rule of thumb.

Problem 2: Talking to the wrong people

This is a strange problem to have when you think about it. Trying to sell a product to someone who doesn't need it is a fast way to lots of frustration and wasted time. Think of it like this. If you were a baseball recruiter, would you show up to football games to scout for talent?

Exactly! And promoting a product is the same way. If you want to make it in affiliate marketing, then promoting to the people who actually want your product is the way to go. Promote to people who have bought something similar in the past, who are thinking about buying that type of product or people who are generally interested in that kind of product.

3. Lack of value

This might be the Achilles heel for newcomers to affiliate marketing. Most newbies want something for nothing. They like to tell people to buy buy buy from them all day, but there not really doing anything for the consumer. Don't fall into this all to common belief that people are just going to buy from a stranger whose done nothing for them besides tell them to fork over their hard earned cash. Not gonna happen.

Instead, talk about the problems that your product solves and then recommend your product as a viable solution to those problems. That's how you win at affiliate marketing.

4. Lack of action

This goes along with that something for nothing attitude we discussed before. You get out of your affiliate marketing business exactly what you put into it. So if you're one of those people who are doing nothing and expect money to manifest into your bank account, then affiliate marketing probably isn't for you.

Just make sure you are consistent in your actions daily and be patient. Even though most of the actions you take won't pay off immediately, it will pay even larger dividends later on so long as you stay consistent.

5. Spamming links

This ones probably the most annoying to me. You know those people who get on social media and repeatedly post their links that explains why the thing they're promoting is the greatest thing ever and why you should buy.

Let me be clear

Those things never ever work. They rarely get clicked, and the few times they do get clicked is out of general curiosity not with intentions of buying. Spamming your link makes you look real petty and desperate and people will smell that desperation a mile away. As long as you're providing value like we talked about, then you shouldn't have to spam your affiliate marketing links.

So there you have it. Just avoid these mistakes and your affiliate marketing efforts will pay off big time.

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